Las Vegas Googie

Here is a video that shows the abundance of Googie architecture in Las Vegas.  I make no secret that I am a fan of Googie.  Ever since I first watched The Jetson's, I have been nostalgic for the future we never had.

Googie, as well as Populuxe, architecture began in the Los Angeles area in the late 1940s.  The name originated from John Lautner's Googie's Coffee Shop design in LA.  The style represented an outlandish but futuristic style of architecture that occasionally incorporated Polynesian or Tiki themes as well. Space travel and atomic energy were key design motifs of the period and were featured most often.

Googie architecture spread across the United States in all types of structures from bowling alleys and car dealerships to restaurants and gas stations.  Unfortunately, Googie architecture is looked down upon by many as being considered gauche.  Quite often these buildings are demolished or are in decrepit condition.  Fortunately, many local and national preservation groups are working to preserve some of the more historic examples.

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