Coast Modern Documentary Film

The West Coast of North America has always had a special place in terms of Modern architecture.  Anyone familiar the the movement has certainly heard of John Lautner, Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, Cliff May, Peter Koenig, Joseph Eichler, et al.  The list of impressive designers, architects, and developers reads like a who's who of the Modern movement.

Coast Modern Film Trailer from Coast Modern.

This work-in-progress documentary by Coast Modern shows style and definite promise in showcasing many of the famous Canadian, and American architects and designers who defined the Modern look.  Hopefully, the film will be finished soon.  Enjoy!


Chris Nichols: The Googieman

As I've already mentioned, I have a curious fascination with Googie-themed architecture and motifs.  A short film titled, "Chris Nichols: Googieman" has been around now for some years.  Nonetheless, I always enjoy watching it over and over.  I admire Chris Nichols and his preservation efforts.  Sadly, many of these offbeat architectural gems are vanishing as  they are demolished in favor of newer (and mostly bland) structures.  I believe preservation is important! 

The film shows a few of southern California's celebrated landmarks such as, Pann's Coffee Shop, Covina Bowl, and (my favorite) John Lautner's often imitated Chemosphere.  Please enjoy, and then get involved with a local preservation group!