Hollin Hills House and Garden Tour 2010

Hollin Hills is a unique and verdant mid-century modern neighborhood located between Washington DC and George Washington's Mount Vernon plantation in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Hollin Hills was the idea of developer Robert Davenport during the 40's to create a different type of community; a "community of vision."  Architect Charles Goodman, who designed the National Airport Terminal, set about creating modern home designs which formed a symbiotic relationship with the natural surroundings and terrain.  The concept of merging nature with these modern homes was given to three landscapers which included famed landscape architect Dan Kiley.  Hollin Hills over the years has received many awards.

The Civic Association of Hollin Hills (CAHH) has been actively pursuing National Register Designation for Hollin Hills and hopes to have it completed soon.  Hopefully this request will be heeded quickly, thus preserving these modernist homes for future generations to enjoy and study.

Each year the CAHH holds the highly anticipated Hollin Hills House and Garden Tour.  Please enjoy some of the photographs I was able to capture during my own visit.

You can view the rest of my photographs by visiting the Modernesia Facebook Group.