Happy Birthday, Oscar!

 Image © unknown, 1972
Even though he thinks that turning 102 today is "crap," Oscar Niemeyer has quite a bit to be thankful for.  Not only is he one of the greatest architects of the modern era of International Style, he has also reached a milestone few live long enough to experience.

Born in Rio de Janiero in 1907, Niemeyer has created some of the world's most memorable structures.  Among the most famous are his work with  Le Corbusier on the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the design of Brasilia (Brazil's planned capital city), and the Niteroi Contemporary Museum of Art.    Niemeyer's spectacular use of reinforced concrete allowed him to experiment with modern design and create lasting monuments for the world to enjoy.

Brazilian National Congress in Brasilia
 Image © Eurico Zimbres, 2006 

Oscar Niemeyer is truly a world treasure.  Happy Birthday, Oscar!