Happy Birthday, Charles Eames

On this day in 1907, Charles Ormond Eames was born St. Louis, Missouri. Charles Eames was a great American architect and designer who, along with his wife Ray, made a lasting impact in all facets of furniture, film, design, and architecture.

The Eames are perhaps best known for their cool sleek furniture designs such as the Eames Lounge and Ottoman, the Lounge Chair Wood (LCW), and the Lounge Chair, Metal Legs(LCM). Eames designed many other chairs as well as storage units. Charles and Ray Eames pioneered the use of many construction materials like molded plywood, plastic, fiberglass, and metal during and following World War II. Eames believed that affordable and functional modern furniture should be available for all Americans. 

One thing is for certain, the furniture that Eames designed and built has stood the test of time. These classic pieces can fetch quite a hefty sum regardless of whether they are brand new or antique.

In 1945 editor John Entenza invited Charles and Ray Eames to be part of the Arts & Architecture magazine Case Study House program. Their house was Case Study House 8 (CSH#8), located in Pacific Palisades, California.  Charles Eames, along with fellow friend and architect Eero Saarinen, designed John Entenza's home (CSH#9) which is at the same location.

The Eames also produced many films such as Powers of Ten and Image of the City. They also worked on various exhibitions, most notably of which was Glimpses of the USA in Moscow.

Charles Eames died in 1978 followed by his beloved wife Ray in 1988. Nevertheless, their designs will live for many generations.

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