Special Exhibition Highlighting Eichlers of Orange County

Image copyrighted by Crussell Fine Arts
Joseph Eichler was a real-estate developer and not an architect, yet the cool houses he built  throughout California during the late fifties and sixties stand the test of time.  These "atomic ranch" homes epitomize the mid-century modern aesthetic that many often refer to as "California Modern."  Originally designed and built for the common man using newly discovered processes and materials developed during the second world war, Eichler designed and built cool neighborhoods in Northern and Southern California.

Artist Jeffrey Crussell has a beautiful online gallery celebrating the homes Eichler built in Orange, California.  A special exhibition, beginning February 20 and running until March 20, 2010, "will consist of 50 pencil drawings available as archival pigment prints in small editions and displayed in a 1964 Eichler designed by the architectural firm of Claude Oakland."  Please visit the Eichler page at Crussell's Fine Arts page for more information.



  1. Hi there... thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. I have collected a bunch of Eichler photos to do a post on Eichler homes as well, but never got around to it yet. We have a lot of Eichler's here in the San Jose area.

  2. Thank you for visiting Modernesia as well! Northern California has the largest concentration of Eichlers. I would love to see some of your Eichler photos.

  3. Eichler is the reason I moved into development. Great blog and thanks also for following. I am loving many of your posts.